Can You Believe: October 2016

  • A resident of West Bolton was relaxing on her deck, where she heard little crying sounds and saw her dog behaving strangely at a thistle patch near the house. She went to investigate and found a tiny hummingbird caught in the plant’s velcro-like burrs. Her dog was trying in vain to help. Gently she freed the bird, and it darted away, apparently none the worse for wear. Only a few small feathers remained to tell the tale.
  • Another indication that there is, or has been, a bear in the village of Knowlton is that a number of beehives on a farm on Victoria St. were knocked over. The beekeeper has since moved the hives to another location. Bears love honey and the beekeeper says only a bear is strong enough to knock over a hive. Bear scat has been reported in various locations in the village and it is certainly not abnormal for bears to decide to socialize and wander further from their natural environment.
  • A family’s aging cat, Molly, was enjoying being allowed outside during the summer months but, due to the sounds of rampaging raccoons in the vicinity, the owner decided to restrict her to the screened-in porch for the night. Little did the family realize just how ingenious and deft a raccoon could be when tempted by the thought of a free meal of sunflower seeds. In the morning, the porch was a scene of devastation and poor Molly was looking like a teenager that had been out on the town all night. The raccoons had managed to undo the latch on the screen, which allowed access to the clothes’ line, allowing the furry family to troop in, push over the garbage can and feast on the sunflower seeds. Naturally, they left other, less savoury, evidence of their presence and night-time frolics.