Can you believe: December 2016

  • A keen West Bolton hunter slipped into the woods recently, lay flat on the forest floor, his feet propped against a log, eyes peeled for deer. He heard a sound above him, and saw a bird land on a branch, ten feet away. He looked again and wondered if it could really be a gray jay, then discounted the idea. Gray jays haunt woodlands and logging camps far to the north of us. As if to correct him, the jay suddenly swooped down to the ground only inches away, a doomed mouse in its clutches. It then hopped on the log waiting for the mouse to finish twitching but also, the hunter thought, to confirm that it was, indeed, a gray jay, in West Bolton, during hunting season. It then scooped up its prey, and flew away.
  • A man from Fulford stopped for his usual cup of coffee at the McDonald’s in Bromont and, after placing his order, rounded the corner for the drive-through window and was astounded to see something he had never seen before. Two ladies on horseback were waiting their turn to pick up their order (yes, on horseback). When their turn came, they rode up to the window to pick up their food. Their mounts were very calm while they paid with debit cards and the ladies rode away with broad smiles on their faces. The Fulford man wants to thank the two horsewomen for making his day.
  • A young and mischievous lad, having just conquered the trick of lighting a match, took refuge in the bathroom of the summer cottage. He could hear his siblings playing in the lake but he was confined indoors due to an earlier transgression. The lad decided to experiment with lighting the roll of toilet paper and letting the end fall into the toilet and fizzle out. This was an ingenious plan until the old wooden toilet seat started smoldering and then caught fire. The resultant smoke set off the smoke detector and precipitated the speedy arrival of irate parents with buckets of water.