Making a list. Checking it twice…

Santa Claus is coming to town, and all through Town of Brome Lake and surrounding communities, people are stirring, busy getting ready for the holidays and making wish lists. As we prepare for a joyful holiday season and happy New Year here at Tempo, volunteers and staff took a few minutes to come up with a wish list of our own just a few things we believe would make our towns even greater than they already are.

  • Connect the walking path – Build a bridge over Trestle Cove to connect the walking path between Foster and Douglass Beach.
  • Brighten up the night – The street lighting in Knowlton should be improved for safety and appearance. We need better lighting and more attractive street lamps, with underground wiring, to spruce up the town.
  • Bring back the Mill Pond – Reestablishing the pond should be a priority for 2017.
  • Build a multi­purpose park – TBL has a great opportunity to acquire the executive golf course and old
Allard gravel pit in Foster at the intersection
of routes 243 and 215. It is an ideal location
for a nature or recreational park, housing
development, and other uses as well.
  • Build a dog park – Create a fenced­in
dog run in TBL so that local pooches can
socialize and run free in a secure setting.
  • Bring back farming – Wishing success
and supportfortheWestBoltonAgricultural
Group, who want to revitalize agriculture and
forestry in the area. (see page 16)
  • Repair sidewalks on Victoria – Fix the
crumbling sidewalks and ensure ample room
for cyclists to ride safely on the street. A lot of
the sidewalks in Knowlton need to be fixed or
rethought. Let’s also do a better job of cleaning under the guardrails on the Coldbrook bridge on Lakeside.
  • Timber! The huge dead pine on Sinclair should be removed before it falls on someone or something.
  • Put an egg under every tree – Make it legal for property owners to have small chicken coups in their back yards. If Vancouver can legalize urban chicken coups, there must be a way for TBL to do likewise in a way that would keep chicken owners and their neighbours happy.
  • Stop the speeding – Many of the roads in West Bolton and elsewhere have become raceways, dangerous and unpleasant for pedestrians, cyclists and residents. A total absence of police patrolling, combined with too many thoughtless drivers, is a real problem.
  • Peace on Mount Foster – It is time that a respectful solution is found for development on Mount Foster in West Bolton.
  • Finally, to the CLSC, do a better job providing health services. Flu knew? November 14 was flu shot day in TBL. There was little or no advance publicity in local media and the registration process was unnecessarily complex. In the end, fewer residents were vaccinated than in past years. There is no excuse for not letting people know about an important public medical service. The CLSC Pommeraie should do better next year.