Wellness services available

The Wellness Volunteer Centre of Town of Brome Lake has been helping community seniors since 1987. It would like to help more. “It’s been going really well,” said Wellness publicity chair Judy Foster recently. “But we need more clients.” Given the sheer number of people 65 and over who live in Brome Lake and the quality of the program’s six different services, the lack of participants is puzzling.

“I suspect that many who could benefit from our services don’t know about them or may be too shy to ask,” Foster explained. Services include:

  • Meals-­on Wheels offers meals delivered four days a week, excluding weekends. Clients can receive the meals as often and for as long as they need them. Food is prepared by Knowlbanks and coordinated by Gib Rotherham and Gary Crandall. Volunteer drivers always welcome.
  • Emergency Alert System provides a sense of security to older citizens living alone. Barry Paige is at the helm and will visit potential clients with information, and provide a neck pendant or wristband with a button to summon help in minutes.
  • Getting around can be an issue, and the Transportation arm of Wellness offers lifts for banking, shopping, hair or medical appointments. Rachel Massicks is in charge of finding and registering drivers.
  • Friendly Visits offers just that to those in their own homes or in a residence. Lise Valois is in charge of what is a vital component, especially with winter in sight.
  • Senior Needs Committee organizes lunches three times a year, plus an upcoming Christmas tea. Attendance is not a problem. More than a hundred people come out to socialize and be entertained.
  • Senior Day Centre offers outreach to our most fragile post65s, with a mandate to give harried caregivers a welcome break. The service is offered in partnership with the CIUSS de L’Estrie, Service aux Domicile. It is offered between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. and includes a hot meal and snacks.

Wellness exists for a reason. Seniors and caregivers living in Brome Lake should not hesitate to take advantage of the services available. There is one person to call, and one number: Pearl Duquet, 450-­242-­2020.

Donations to this volunteer organization are needed and welcome. Make cheques payable to the TBL Wellness Volunteer Centre, 270 Victoria St., Knowlton, Qc. J0E IV0. Wellness president Lise Valois and vice president Gib Rotherham will ensure the money is put to good use.