Can You Believe: February 2017

Snow Blower Surprise

A jet-lagged guest from Europe, staying with friends in Knowlton over the Christmas holidays, was taking a refreshing shower and washing her long mane of hair. Imagine her surprise and dismay when she raised her head full of shampoo and spotted a man looking at her through the small window in the shower stall. He was sitting atop a snow blower, clearing the driveway and inadvertently was treated to more of an eyeful than he was expecting. The embarrassed lady ducked beneath the window and only finished rinsing off the suds when the coast was clear. “Only in Canada” was the message sent back to Europe.

Midnight Escapade

Another guest, this time from Boston and staying during American Thanksgiving, was also treated to an unusual experience. Her well-behaved and docile little dog awakened her around 3:15a.m., seemingly asking to be let out for a pee. As she did at home, the lady opened the back door leading to the garden and let Princess out to do her business. This normally sedate dog ran down the steps and disappeared round the corner of the house at high speed with the sound of a deer’s warning signal ringing in the Boston guest’s ears.

She quickly donned her winter boots and a long quilted coat over her nightie and snuck out the front door. There was not a sign of Princess or the garden-invading deer and, even after half an hour of walking up and down the unfamiliar streets, all was quiet and peaceful. The Bostonite, deciding that she didn’t want to be arrested for wandering the streets in her night clothes, returned to her lodgings, got properly attired and continued her search. An hour later, she was just deciding to take out her car to simplify the search when a truculent and happy Princess returned from her apparently satisfactory deer hunting escapade.

Deer Hazard

On the subject, of deer, the wire fence on Victoria, leading down to the marshland has proven very hazardous to young deer as they search for a way of crossing Victoria to reach safer pastures. One was recently impaled on the fence in its quest to jump over as the older deer are able to do.