Leslie Page

Leslie Page was a legend in the gardening world in these parts. Leslie, who has died at the age of 93, worked for many years as the manager of Knowlton Nursery on Knowlton Road.

“It was quite an operation. They grew all kinds of annuals and perennials along with flower arranging for weddings and funerals,” said his daughter, Brenda Rogerson, who operated Glen Gardens in West Bolton.

Leslie Stewart Page was born on October 1, 1923, in West Bolton and went to a school in the Glen. He worked on the family farm and then got a job at a farm in Sweetsburg. When his father died he returned to the family farm.

He then took a job at Knowlton Nursery under its owner, John Andrews, and eventually became manager. All the while he also ran the family farm.

After Knowlton Nursery closed he opened Leslie’s Greenhouse at 72 Glen Road, which he ran with the help of his wife, Reta Cousens. When he retired the greenhouses moved up the road to Glen Gardens. “He continued to work, selling some plants from home and helping me at Glen Gardens into his eighties,” said Ms. Rogerson.

Leslie Page died in February. His wife died in 2014, and a son, Wayne predeceased him. He is survived by his daughters, Brenda and Winnie (Sherrer) and his son Delmar, as well as three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.