West Bolton Council Meeting: February 2017

The mayor and all councillors were present except J. Drolet. There were 14 residents in attendance.

Questions A meeting has been held with the Mont Foster developers. There was some progress, but a proposal that conforms with the bylaws of the municipality has not yet been presented. Another meeting will be held in the coming weeks. The problem is the limit of 11 houses on a dead-end road. Any firm proposal from the developers will be discussed with the residents of West Bolton. The garbage collection misses some houses on des Hauteurs and upper Mountain roads. The municipal website will be brought up-to-date. A pro-active approach to communication with residents concerning Mont Foster and MRC decisions affecting West Bolton was requested.

Urbanism One permit for tree cutting was issued. Two inspections were completed and two infractions issued. Resolutions were passed to add heritage protection to the work of the CCU and changes to the land use plan to include the Blunt and Fuller settler’s cemeteries as protected heritage sites.

Administration – R. Ayotte has resigned as DG and will be replaced by Pierre Ménard on an interim basis until a replacement has been found.

Roads – Trees and shrubs leaning across roads will be trimmed. An engineering study of road drainage and composition of the sub-grade will be carried out to prepare for a request for tenders to repave Foster Road during the summer.

Fire Report The fire department helped injured passengers out of two damaged vehicles. Cost: $3,826.

Internet service – A committee is examining opportunities to improve internet service for residents of West Bolton. A Bell Canada representative has provided some information. A report will be posted on the municipal web site. The municipality will send a letter to Bell Canada asking them to improve service.