Can You Believe: March 2017

Dog-Eared Papers

A grandmother whose 80th birthday was imminent had to fill in the required medical forms in order to be able to renew her driving license. The process was duly completed by her doctor in Cowansville and the forms placed carefully on the back seat of her car. She had brought her dog, Molly, with her to go for a run at the dog park. This joyous event having been accomplished, the rather muddy and wet dog then jumped into the back of the hatchback car and settled down on her blanket.

After leaving the dog for a few minutes while she did some grocery shopping, she was horrified to find Molly innocently sitting atop the precious government papers on the back seat of the car. Not only were they muddy and wet but also rumpled from the dog lying on them. This was the one and only time that Molly had decided to grace the back seat with her presence. On arriving home, the close to octogenarian dried out the papers with a hair dryer and then placed them under a heavy telephone book to straighten them out.

The somewhat dog-eared and slightly illegible sheets were duly mailed to the SAAQ in the envelope provided. Miraculously a letter of acceptance for the renewal of the driver’s license was received in less than two weeks much to the relief of Molly’s mistress.

Saved from the Conveyor Belt

A couple was at the luggage self-check-in counter at Trudeau airport when the wife put her foot on the conveyor belt as she was trying to extract a document from her handbag. Suddenly, the belt started moving and the lady nearly did the splits as she and her handbag were unceremoniously dragged to join the baggage. The husband grabbed his wife and managed to save her but the handbag continued on its not-so-merry path. A man was sent into the tunnel to follow the belt’s path and, after a few minutes he returned triumphantly with the errant purse which had fallen off the conveyor belt. However, a passport was missing and the fated employee had to return into the depths of the airport to try to locate this precious document while the travelling couple sweated it out. After what seemed like hours, the valiant man happily returned with the errant passport.