Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: March 2017

The mayor chaired the meeting. Councillors Louise Morin and Karine Fortin were absent. About 20 citizens attended.

Question period – Request for more police presence on Foster Road.

Administration – Renewal of yearly working agreement between the town and Renaissance Lac Brome for $25,000. Award of two three-year contracts for lawn and park maintenance at a cost of $149,248.

Legislation and bylaws – Adoption of second draft of zoning bylaw 596-6. After a public consultation meeting, a section of the bylaw prohibiting the agricultural use of land in certain urban areas was removed to the satisfaction of some of the property owners present. The bylaw also allows the use of land for a limited number of “rustic camping” sites in certain wooded areas. The full text of the bylaw can be consulted on the town’s website.

Land use and environment management – A request for a minor derogation on Cedar Bay Rd. was debated at length. The request is for enlarging an existing dock by five meters to make room for 2 more boats for a total of 12. In light of the wide opposition of the Cedar Bay Rd. residents, council decided to postpone its decision until next month (see editorial Adding Insult to Injury).

Public security – Nomination of three new First Responders: Joseph Page Jr., George Burns and Mercedes Corbière. Councillor McGovern reminded residents to have visible address signs in order to help emergency crews find a property.

Leisure, culture and tourism – Council granted financial assistance to some events and organizations: Fête nationale, $8,000; Knowlton Literary Association, $16,000 for the Knowlton Literary Festival and Skakespeare on the Beach; Three Pines Friendly, $1,500; Arts Alive, $2,000; Sunshine Theatre, $1,250.

Varia – The town asked that a piece of land owned by the Department of Transport near Exit 90 of Autoroute 10 be made available for parking to encourage car-sharing and cyclo-touring. The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.