Agreement reached regarding Cedar Bay

A majority of residents of Cedar Bay Rd. have come to an agreement with the Boaters Association and the owner of the lakefront property at the end of their private road. The agreement is expected to reduce the nuisance caused by the many users of the lakefront property who put their boats in the water. The agreement was announced at TBL council meeting.

At the same meeting, Council granted the Boaters Association a minor derogation to allow a five-metre extension of the wharf thus allowing two more large boats to dock, bringing the total to twelve boats.

In an interview with Tempo, Philippe Laforêt, who represents the residents, said the agreement “will limit the future development of the wharf. It will no longer be possible to park more boats there.” The agreement also promises that only those who have a legal right of access to the lake will be able to use it. This, said Laforêt, amounts to “a guarantee that convinced the residents to come to an agreement.” More than 70 various servitudes of access to the lake have been sold by the owner on that particular piece of land and no maximum has been set.

As far as parking is concerned, a hotly debated issue by the residents, Laforêt told Tempo that more details have to be ironed out. “We agree in principle but we have to examine the details as to how this will be enforced.”

Mayor Richard Burcombe welcomed the agreement and said “I am pleased that the parties were able to establish a dialogue and come to an agreement.”

Now the agreement in principle has to be finalized and a request filed with the Department of the Environment in order to obtain the extension of the wharf. The Department has up to 75 days to come to a decision.