Leonard Parker

Leonard Parker, who died recently at the age of 100, was a quiet, accomplished man who lived in Knowlton for the last 31 years. He was a model of the new longevity, living on his own until the last months of his long life, playing Gershwin and Beethoven on the Heintzman grand piano in his living room every day, one of the things he thought was the secret to staying with it.

Mr. Parker and his late wife moved to Knowlton from England to be closer to their daughter Sheana, who had married a Canadian and lived in the Eastern Townships. He led a peaceful life here. He was a fixture at the Knowlton Library and his house was jammed with neighbours and friends on his birthday last October.

“We appreciated his insights into the changes of the last century – ideas, politics, industrial and technological advances, global views, and social mores. He was a wonderful parent, grandparent and friend,” said his daughter Sheana.

As he became increasingly frail, Leonard moved into Knowlton House. “We are fortunate to have a place with such friendly and caring staff, conviently in the middle of Knowlton where visitors (and dogs) are welcome. He was only there for a few weeks, but I will always remember their kindness.”