The needs of seniors and how to meet them


Under the heading Municipalité Amie des Aînés (MADA), TBL is working to develop a policy aimed at residents aged 65 and over. Quebec’s Ministère de la Famille is providing $12,500 in funding for the project and TBL another $13,100.

The steering committee, chaired by Elizabeth Dupéré, is composed of 10 members including councillor Ronald Myles. It began its work in January 2017.

Up to now the committee has concentrated on studying the situation of people 65 and over living here, has drawn up a statistical profile of this population and inventoried the different services and resources available. The municipality must now identify the needs of the 65 plus in three phases:

1) At public meetings in the different TBL districts, councillors will ask their constituents about the needs of the 65 plus and the answers will help the committee to design the second phase of public consultation.

2) The committee will send out a questionnaire in September 2017 which all residents will be urged to fill out because it will help the committee to pinpoint the needs of its target population.

3) The committee will hold meetings with partners able to help the municipality to meet the needs expressed by the population.

Following public consultation, the committee will prioritize the needs expressed, approaches suggested, and translate these into an action plan and a municipal policy aimed at TBL residents aged 65 and over.

To make this project a success and improve the quality of life in our town, everyone is encouraged to participate.

Translation: Brian McCordick