West Bolton Council: June 2017

The mayor opened the meeting by introducing Jean-Francois Grandmont, the new director-general of West Bolton.

Urbanism – 17 permits were issued with a value of $771,000. six inspections were completed and one infraction issued. Two minor derogations and one land use application were approved. One minor derogation was not approved.

Administration – Resolutions to approve accounts and transfers; payment of expenses; signing authority for the new DG and training on new accounting software were approved.

Roads – John Rhicard is the new road maintenance supervisor. All roads will be graded again now that the period of wet weather is over and the sun is shining – we hope.

Public Safety – The revised annual fire report was approved “with reservations” to allow time to check that corrections to the original report have been made. J-F Grandmont was approved as the co-ordinator of the emergency measures the plan. It was suggested that the plan be reviewed to ensure that it is up-to-date.

Varia – The MRC has opened a period of public consultation on sustainable development aspects of the MRC Strategic Development Plan. Residents are encouraged to submit their ideas on the MRC website. There will soon be a new internet ‘domain’ name for the municipality– http://www.bolton-ouest.ca. This will make it easier to manage internet communications.

Question Period – Occasionally the grader turns up rocks that have been embedded in the road. These should be removed before a car is damaged. Occasionally garbage is not collected in some outlying areas of the municipality. If this happens please inform town hall without delay.

Mt Foster – Several proposals have been proposed by council and by the developer. So far no agreement has been reached. Any final proposal will be subject to public consultation.

Next Meeting: Monday, July 10th at 7:30 p.m