A walk through the past

It is strange that even if one has been living here for a long time, most of us are not aware of Knowlton’s rich history spanning two centuries and its numerous secrets.

This summer, you are invited to join a search for its past in order to understand what it has become. On foot and in the company of a guide from Purple Valise you will be learning what was hiding behind some of the façades of the Victoria street Victorian mansions and get to know the characters who have influenced and shaped the village destiny. For 90 minutes, let Danielle Viau or her guide Suzanne Gregory immerse you in in the rich heritage of the Loyalists, tell you the fate of the British children sent here to seek a new life, make a necessary stop at the Brome County Historical Museum while discovering along the way the influential people who have left their mark on the DNA of Knowlton.

Join the tour to find out the identity of the important man standing beside Danielle Viau

“It is a truly inspired experience certain to please both residents and passing guests,” says Danielle Viau the creator of the Knowlton Tour. The tours open to the general public, will take place at 10:30 am on June 24, July 1, August 12 and September 2. They are also open to groups of 10 to 24, by reservation, every day until mid-October. The fee is $24 per person, including admission to the Museum and a few surprises, like the possibility of winning an autographed book by Louise Penny.

After the Knowlton Tour, you will never see this village in the same light!

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Translation: Guy Côté