Pettes Memorial Library: Annual Report

Press release

The Pettes Memorial Library, the oldest free public library in rural Quebec, has been serving citizens since 1894, said Hans Konow, chairman of the Board of Trustees, in the 123rd annual report.

In 2016, membership stood at more than 3000, split about evenly English and French, with circulation steady at about 34,000 books, audiobooks, magazines and DVDs. The popularity of eBooks continues to grow with a collection in French and English exceeding 1200 titles.

Grants (Town of Brome Lake, federal and provincial governments) provided 54 percent of income. “We are extremely grateful to TBL, our members and loyal donors for their generosity,” said Mr Konow.

In 2016, the perennial annual book sale netted $11,281, a dollar more than in 2015. The Board hopes to do better in 2017. Donations of gently-used books are always welcome.

view inside library

Mr Konow underlined the hard work, dedication and careful management of Executive Director Jana Valasek and her team for the on- going wellbeing of the Pettes Memorial and thanked “the many volunteers who work on a consistent basis to ensure this community has a top quality library.”

In seeking to maintain the relevance of the library in the community, the Board has recently revised its strategic plan, has started with the installation of its new signage and has launched its revamped website.