BMP Auxiliary turns 100

The BMP Auxiliary was founded in 1917, as the First World War raged in Europe. The women volunteers helped to fill a short- age of personnel as so many men were overseas. Women volunteers worked wrapping bandages and shovelling coal to heat the hospital, a much smaller building than it is today.

After the war they continued to do volunteer work for the hospital and the auxiliary has always been involved in fundraising. In 1952 it opened a small boutique, which has since expanded. The profits from the boutique go directly to the BMP Hospital through the Foundation. The money is ear- marked for buying new medical equipment.

“Over the years we have given more than $800,000 to the hospital,” said Karin Dorey, president of the BMP Hospital Auxiliary.

Today the BMP Auxiliary continues to run the boutique in the hospital lobby and volunteers push the carts up and down the corridors, selling candies, juice, toiletries, newspapers as well as passing out free magazines.

BMP Auxiliary Anniversary Dinner 

On September 15th the Auxiliary is holding a 100th anniversary dinner at the Auberge West Brome. Tickets are $100, and you get a tax receipt for $50. Tickets are available at the boutique, 450-266-4342 ext. 5137, or contact Karin Dorey direct at 450-263-9769.