Bishop’s courses continue

Major update – October 3, 2017

Bishop’s University will not be offering winter courses in Knowlton in 2018 after all.
Since a story about the potential sale of the Brome Lake campus appeared in October’s Tempo, the Senate of the university’s HQ in Lennoxville has “approved the recommendation of the Continuing Education Committee to suspend Knowlton activities starting with the Winter 2018 semester.”

This decision was part of a note forwarded by B.U. Finance and Administration vice-president Isabelle Goyette to inform students of the campus in Knowlton of their future, or lack of one. Budgetary concerns are believed to be behind the decision.

“All credits associated with Knowlton would be added to the general Continuing Education credit course offerings at the Lennoxville campus,” the memo continues, as written by Marie-Josée Berger, Cont. Ed. Associate Vice-Principal and Dean of the School of Education. Whether courses will ever again be offered locally is unknown at this time.  For more information, students should call 819-822-9670

Forget the rumours you’ve been hearing. Bishop’s University is not folding up its branch in Knowlton and slinking back to Lennoxville. At least, not yet.

Isabelle Goyette, Vice President Finance and Administration at the university, explains. “We’re just selling the building. We are not stopping any academic offerings. If we do sell, we will be looking for a place to rent in Knowlton.” Longterm, all bets are off.

Bishop’s has offered extension courses in Knowlton for many years, initially in rented quarters. It bought the building without provincial government financing in 2003, and has continued to offer extension courses ever since. But times are tight for Bishop’s and every other university in the province, no thanks to government cuts to education. So the building is on the block to the highest bidder through the Société Québécoise des Infrastructures on the government website

If we cannot get a good price, we’ll try other strategies,” says Goyette. The municipal evaluation of the building and grounds at 99 Knowlton Rd. is $295,500.

There will definitely be courses offered locally for the winter semester of 2018. Where, remains to be seen.