Simpler and more direct new website for TBL

Brome Lake just inaugurated its new website. It is more convivial and was 100% set up to make it easier for users. Its colours are matching Lake Brome publicity. You will find the following changes:

• A powerful and rapid search engine with easy document and municipal regulation retrieval with keywords.

• Intuitive navigation allowing for rapid and multi-access for information retrieval.

• Rapid links for most popular searches.

• News to share by email or on social media.

• A page to facilitate the integration of new residents and help them fulfill their immediate needs: kindergarten, school, building permits, domestic animal boarding, leisure time activities and also how to register on the list to get a family doctor.

• A municipal calendar of events including council meetings, leisure and recreation activities, cultural and sport events.

• A responsive site adapting to the device used: computer, tablet or mobile phone.

• Information for registration on the new alert system for the population.

In short, a site set up for you in order to make your life easier. Address: 

Translation: Guy Côté