West Bolton Council: October 2017

The mayor and all councillors were present. 11 residents attended the meeting.

Urbanism – A building permit for a lot on Crow Hill Rd was approved but with special conditions regarding access for emergency vehicles up a steep roadway. An application to the CPTAQ for non-agricultural use of a small parcel of land also approved.

Administration – Resolutions were approved regarding replacement of locks and keys to storage rooms in the town hall and pay rates for election staff.

Municipal Election – The municipal election will be held on Sunday, Nov 5th, 2017. The list of candidates for council can be found on the election section of the municipal website and on page 10 of this Tempo issue. Mayor Don Badger is not standing for re-election.

Roads – Several applications for provincial subsidies were approved to pay up to 75% of the costs of repairs to roads throughout the municipality. These include planning, re-surfacing, hot patching on bridge surfaces, clearing of ditches to allow free flow of water and removal of dirt on road shoulders.

Environment – As required by provincial policy the municipality will purchase bins for all households to collect compostable materials for collection. The bins will be bought as part of a joint MRC program and must meet strength and materials specifications to ensure that they can withstand rough handling at very cold temperatures.

Public Safety – A meeting of DGs of local communities will be held to discuss the new joint management of the TBL and Sutton Fire Departments and other public safety services.

Questions – Several questions were asked concerning the Mt Foster “concept” that was presented at a previous meeting. The points raised concerned the areas to be put into conservation status and the emergency corridor to be used only for access by emergency vehicles.

Next Meeting: Mon., Nov 13 at 7:30 p.m. (check the website) http://www.municipalitedeboltonouest.com/indexEN.php