Can you believe : December 2017

• A West Bolton wood sculptor and keen hunter recently spent the day in his backyard carving a new piece in pine with his chainsaw before taking his crossbow and slipping into the woods. Soon after he left, three deer appeared and started grazing on the pile of wood chips he had left behind. When he returned some time later, his wife asked how the hunting had gone. “Didn’t see a thing,” he replied. “That’s because they were all right here in the yard,” she said. “You could have reached out and touched them.”

• A woman in West Brome who paid meticulous attention to her dog and cat, including administering them the monthly medication to avoid ticks, found herself in a funny situation. Taking a shower one morning, after giving her dog her tick and flea medication, the woman felt she had a wart growing on her hip. She stepped out of the shower, donned her glasses to look at her skin and, low and behold, there was a tick sucking gently at her blood. Incredulous, the woman called the clinic to get an appointment to see her doctor. All is now seemingly under control but, maybe next year, a monthly medication for humans as well as for their pets would be called for! Adding insult to injury, contrary to recent years and despite the increase in the number of ticks in the area, no tick was found on the lady’s cat and dog this year…so far!

• An avid Fulford gardener, preparing for winter, was pulling out some Himalayan Impatiens when she was suddenly attacked by bees and had to quickly retire indoors. She returned to the scene, as dusk fell, and sprayed the hole in the ground leading to the bees’ nest. The next morning, she was most surprised to find that a trench of at least a foot deep had been dug and there were signs of honeycomb being unearthed and removed. She saw the culprit, a sizeable skunk, running across the yard. That evening, her young dog narrowly escaped being sprayed as the skunk ran under the patio, having completed the demolition work on the honeycomb.