Development in Foster

TBL council adopted a first project to allow the construction of 125 houses on the 64 ha. site of the former Brome Lake Golf course on Lakeside Rd. at the corner of Rte 215. Preliminary details, already approved by the CCU, were announced at the November meeting.

The new project called “Faubourg du Lac-Brome” is expected to generate $130,000 a year in new taxes. The developer has to maintain certain environmental elements such as the artificial ponds on the property; it will also have to revitalize some shorelines. Part of the land (20 ha.) has to be kept as conservation.

Questions concerning the water supply of the future project were raised. The houses will be on septic systems.

More details will be available, in the presence of the developer, at a public consultation meeting to take place on Saturday, December 9 at 11 a.m. at Salle Ovide-Dagenais, 25 Taylor Rd.

The 1st project was adopted under a never used TBL bylaw called Projet Particulier de Construction, de Modification ou d’Occupation d’un Immeuble or, more simply PPCMOI. According to councillor Lee Patterson “it is a tailor-made bylaw that has to comply with the town’s master plan.”

Before the project is final, there will be at least one public consultation. The town will then submit a second version of the project for approval. The citizens who live in the immediate vicinity will be called to sign a register if they oppose the project. A referendum may then be called or, alternatively, the town may withdraw the project in the face of too much opposition.