Tab collection a worthy cause

Every little helps when it comes to the saving of aluminium alloy tabs from cans of soft drinks, beer, cider, cat food cans, etc.

Dexter Larose of Shefford has, for many years, been collecting these tabs for the benefit of the Shriners Hospital for Children. Last week he drove over a ton of tabs  (2,226 lbs.) to a recycling centre on the south shore of Montreal and, with the aid of five other men, he unloaded the many containers and received the princely sum of $1,268.62.

Various local organizations have faithfully helped with the tab collection and many, many people have taken the time to remove the tabs. It is gratifying to see so many citizens of all ages coming together for a common goal. Specially designated containers can be found at the Depanneur Rouge, Edwards in West Brome, IGA Knowlton, Petits Moteurs A.R., Wright General Store in Fulford and a couple of local restaurants.