West Bolton Council: November 2017

The mayor and all councillors were present, plus 32 residents.

Mayor Jacques Drolet, a retired banker, introduced the new Council. Robert Chartier – artisan, Jean-Pierre Pouliot – retired businessman, Loren Allen – fifth generation farm owner, Denis Vaillancourt – retired veterinary doctor, Gilles Asselin – retired electrical engineer and Cedric Briggs – retired engineer.

First Question Period was dominated by questions concerning the Mt. Foster development. Council will continue to study the concept proposal, and will hold a public discussion about it when several matters have been resolved. At the end of the consultation process a referendum may be held to approve the final scope and conditions of the development.

Residents were advised to visit the MRC Website and review recent additions to the MRC Strategic Plan.

Urbanism – A minor derogation was approved concerning the construction of a house on des Hauteurs. Seventeen permits were issued. Value $165,000. Sixteen inspections were carried out.

Administration – Jean-Francois Grandmont was confirmed in his position as Director General and John Rhicard was confirmed as road maintenance supervisor. Signing authority was allocated to the DG, Mayor, and C. Briggs.

Roads – All roads are being graded in preparation for winter.

Second Question Period – Thanks were extended to the municipality for contacting residents during the power blackout. There has been little progress on getting high-speed internet serv- ice in the municipality. Both Bell and the MRC proposal are wait- ing for funding. The low population density makes installation of cable internet a poor investment for internet providers. A truck to collect plastic wrapping for bales of hay silage will be organized. Contact Town Hall to register for pick-up.

Next meeting: Monday, December 18 at 7:30 p.m. For January, check the website.