Advice from Santa

Thanks to Errol Frechette, at the Lions Club, Tempo was recently given permission to have an exclusive interview with Santa as he prepared for Christmas.

We began by asking Santa if there was something special about the children in TBL. 

“They are so thoughtful and patient,” he said. “When I visit with them at Knowlton Academy, many have to wait a very long time. They never complain. They are very unselfish. Many of them tell me things like, they have a sick sister who could not be here that day and that what she wants is this or that.”

We asked if there was anything hard for him.

“Toys are different today,” he said. “For many years, a doll was a doll and boys all wanted trains or soldiers. But now,” he shook his head, “I have to have research meetings with my grandchildren to find out about the new toys and what they are called. I know what Barbie is,” he laughed, “but what is a drone? That kind of thing.”

We asked how the kids can get in touch.

“They can always write a letter to me at Santa, The North Pole. The postal code is HOH OHO. Better still, they bring a letter to me at the school. Best of all, in the letter they can add a drawing.”

And what about Mrs Claus, we asked. 

“I could not do this without her,” he smiled. “Look at my costume. It is so wonderful. She makes it all and she helps me put it on.”

So, what do you wear the rest of the year, we asked.

“I like to wear my slippers and my old clothes.” He paused and looked around to see if Mrs Claus was in hearing. He whispered, “She hates my old sweater, I have to hide it from her.”

We closed by asking for his advice for parents. 

“Please bring your child to the parade, it is such fun,” he said. “Also, please be patient at the school. I give each family the time that they need. You will have my full attention when it is your turn. I would also ask this. Babies are sometimes frightened by strange men with beards. Please be thoughtful if your baby gets scared. Don’t worry about this. When they are older, they will love to meet me as I love to meet them.”

Come and see Santa Claus and all his elves, on December 2 at 1 p.m, as the parade leaves from Windmill Plastics and continues along Knowlton and Lakeside Roads before finishing at Knowlton Academy on Victoria St.