Helping vulnerable children

On Saturday, November 18, there was a unique book launch at Nesbitt House in Cowansville where 71 children had made contributions to the book. The project is one of many run by the organization, Main dans la main.

front line from the left to the right Amy Wilson, Delphine Bachand-Morin, Ysabelle Proulx, Emmanuelle Fleury, Sophie Giugovaz, Martine Simard, Chantal Fontaine, Anne Rouleau, Marie-Claude Lizotte, Jérémy Joyal Deslandes, Thierry J Azwad.

Its founder, Ysabelle Proulx, is a resident of Knowlton, and a lawyer who specializes in family law, where she represents the children. Years of contact with very vulnerable children disturbed her. She wanted to be able to do more than act in a case, she wanted to make a difference. So in 2012, she contacted two local doctors, Anne Rouleau and Sophie Giugovaz. They began a discussion about how best to help the many vulnerable children in our region. They expanded this group to include experts in many fields, developed a plan and raised the initial funds. In 2014, Main dans la main, began its work

The focus is to create an after-school space where children can build on their strengths. Key to the programming is a children’s committee where the children have a lot of influence. Currently, they offer programs to help children with their homework; participate in drama and read to animals. Most of the programming takes place at Nesbitt House in Cowansville. But, by using a bus, Knowlton and other local small towns are now visited monthly.

Proulx’s hope is to extend this work into the local Anglophone community. You can find out more at their website at

You can also help by making a contribution at La Guignolée du Dr Julien which is on Saturday December 16th in Knowlton, Bromont, Sutton, Dunham, Bedford and Cowansville.