Don Badger retires

Don Badger, son of a West Bolton farming family, came back home in 1972 to manage the family farm. Changing from dairy farming to beef, he eventually owned the largest herd of Highland cattle in Canada – over 300 animals. Highlands are native to Scotland and are a very hardy breed, able to thrive on rough pasture, ideal for the stony soils of West Bolton.

Don became a member of West Bolton Council in 1973 and has served as either councillor or mayor ever since.

Asked by a journalist what his proudest accomplishment was, he noted that the tax rate on property in West Bolton had not changed significantly during his watch. Taxes went up as property values increased but the tax rate remained quite stable. He often noted at Council meetings that the tax rate could be maintained at a low level if a couple of new houses were built each year on the 102,200 ha municipality.

Perhaps like his cattle, Don has frugal Scots blood in his veins. Spend money on core services not on frills.