West Bolton Council: December 2017 and January 2018


The mayor, all councillors, and 16 residents were present.

Urbanism – 14 permits were issued. Value $348,000. Seven inspections were carried out, two infractions recorded. A minor derogation regarding a transfer of ownership of land on Tuer Rd was approved.

Mt. Foster – The mayor reviewed the record. A lawsuit between the municipality and the developer has been set aside. A compromise proposed for 16 houses was presented by the developer at a public meeting last March. The mayor stated clearly the intent of Council to respect the limit of 11 houses on a cul-de-sac, unless an increase is approved by the residents of the municipality. The compromise proposal is now subject to comment by residents. Changes to the proposal may be made as a result. A final proposal will be presented to residents at a public meeting.

Seventy-eight percent of West Bolton is in the green agricultural zone. Only 22% is in the white zone which is also subject to many restrictions on development imposed by the MRC and municipal regulations. If 16 houses are eventually approved, only 5% of the 162 ha property in West Bolton will be cleared to accommodate the houses and access roads.

Administration – Several employment and service contracts were approved. A new environmental questionnaire will soon be published on the municipal website.

A federal-provincial subsidy of $25 million has been allocated to the MRC to provide Hi-speed Internet throughout the MRC. Cedric Briggs was asked to make sure that West Bolton will not be the last municipality to benefit from this program.

Two people were injured in a bad fire on Paige Rd. and the family lost everything. See GoFundMe.com. RustyJamesFireRelief. It was strongly recommended that all houses be equipped with a fire extinguisher and that the owners learn how to use it.


The mayor, all councillors and 14 residents were present.

The Mayor reviewed the 2018 budget and noted that the DG had applied for provincial subsidies to help fund the road maintenance program. He also noted that the Federal gasoline tax road maintenance subsidy program expires in 2018. There is no indication that it will be renewed. But there will be elections in 2018 and 2019.

Question period included the 2018 budget, suggestions that the municipality take steps to limit damage to roads and culverts from extreme weather events like the thaw and rain in January, the article on Mt Foster in Brome County News as well as suggestions for the involvement of a planner to offer good ideas. It is private land and it is up to the developer to offer solutions to problems. All residents should note that they are responsible for the culvert at the end of their driveway, make sure that it is large enough and kept clear to carry runoff from heavy rain and sudden thaws. Your car may not be able to jump the ditch in the event of a washout.

Inspectors Report – 4 permits were issued. Value $13,000.

Mt Foster – Residents have submitted several suggestions. These will be studied by Council and made public in February.

Summer Jobs – Council plans to hire two students to help with preparations for compost collection and other projects.

Public Safety – If any properties suffered significant damage during the recent flooding, contact Town Hall. There may be some provincial compensation.

Meet Your Neighbours Day was cancelled in 2017. If residents would like to have it in 2018, volunteers are needed to organize it. Please contact Town Hall.

Robert Chartier is in charge of the project to develop a network of Nature Trails in West Bolton. If you know of any trails, abandoned roads, locations offering views of the landscape please contact robertchartier@sympatico.ca. When the suggestions have been reviewed a plan will be developed with the help of interested residents.

Next meeting: February 5, 7:30 p.m., Town Hall

West Bolton 2018 budget

Major road maintenance work will be carried out on Spicer, Bailey, Brill and Stukely.

A large part of the cost of this will be covered by a government fund that is not shown in the budget figures below.

For several years West Bolton has reduced the property tax rate by a transfer of funds from the surplus to the revenue account for that year. The surplus is not large enough to do it in 2018.