Bishop’s reinstatement in TBL: is it at all feasible?

Alison Marks

According to Bishop’s Vice-Principal Academic Administration, Dr. Miles Turnbull, the decision to close Bishop’s Knowlton campus permanently is not yet final.

When asked whether Bishop’s would consider offering courses in an alternative rented location in Knowlton, Turnbull said that they are still in discussions with the Town of Brome Lake. Apparently Bishop’s has already submitted a set of specifications for a possible future site. Turnbull says Bishop’s and TBL have met three times already and Bishop’s is considering hosting a meeting in the not too distant future. No date has been scheduled. It will most likely be held in Knowlton with Bishop’s Knowlton campus students. Pamela Dillon and Christine Stonehewer, two former students, have already made an impassioned plea to the Bishop’s Board of Governors. Stonehewer says that to her way of thinking, a campus near down- town Knowlton could be at the heart of Knowlton’s renewal.

Besides the meeting with the Board of Governors, there has also been an on-line petition and a Tempo editorial in December 2017 asking Bishop’s to reconsider their decision.

From 1995 – 2004, Bishop’s rented space for the Knowlton cam- pus on Knowlton Road. From 2004 – 2017 they owned a Bishop’s building giving both credit and non-credit university courses. In 2017, Bishop’s decided to discontinue classes as of January 2018, and the building was put up for sale. No one really know the reason for Bishop’s decision to close down the Knowlton campus. Several theories have been advanced without confirmation from Bishop’s including low enrolment, a building requiring $160,000 worth of repairs, and the campus not paying for itself.

Bishop’s confirms that they are “investigating whether re-instatement could be feasible and under what conditions.”