Library Storytime

More than 30 people, small children, their parents and grandparents, turned up at the Pettes Library for a morning of story time on National Family Literacy Day.

The first reader was a very animated, 10-year-old, Kaelyn Ebana. She was followed by film producers, Michel and Patricia Lavoie, who are also volunteer readers at La Passerelle des Mousses daycare. “You should have seen the children’s faces. They were enchanted by the experience,” said Wendy Seys (ED Yamaska Literacy Council). “The more words an infant or a small child hears the better. This is how a lifelong love of reading is begun.”

The event took over the entire basement of the library, with readings, activities, snacks and a selection of free books to take home. “In many homes, there is not
much time or energy for reading after a long work-week,” said Jana Valasek, Executive Director of the Pettes Memorial Library. “Story-Times, at a library, offers families a respite, a chance for their children to be surrounded by books and to be read to. We were thrilled that, after the event, nine families signed up for a library card. With more space, and volunteers, we could do more of this.”

“Tales for Tots,” said Judith Duncanson, a co- founder and a director of the Knowlton Literary Association, “is a group of partners who are working with each other to promote early childhood literacy. All of us, individually, have aspects of child literacy and parental support as our mission. But now, through this network, we can work together. This event is an early result of this cooperation.”