Local dogs looking forward to their new playground

There will soon be a dog park in TBL. What a great initiative to bring in the Chinese Year of the Dog! Thirty thousand dollars has been budgeted and the project has been approved.

Johanne Morin, Executive Director, Recreation and Community Services, told Tempo that while some of the operational details have yet to be worked out, the key design principles have been decided.

The dog park will be located near the Community Garden on the old garage site off Mont Echo Rd. The old site will be completely cleaned up as part of the project. The dog park will be 6,200 square feet.

“The size of the park,” said Morin, “is designed to enable owners to stay within the ‘control zone’ of their dog. It’s so easy for owners to be chatting to each other, or to be on their phones, and so lose control. This size of the site is designed to keep each dog socially connected to its human.”

Talking about humans, Morin added that “we know that dog parks are as much a social place for humans as they are for dogs.” Our dog park will not just be a fenced-in area, but a true park that will be attractive for the dog owners as well.

The mayor told Tempo how pleased he was that this project was going ahead. “The trails are a great place to walk your dog on a leash but I know that dogs need to run. A few careless owners, who don’t pick up, make Lions Park a problem. But with the dog park, dog lovers can offer their dogs the freedom, the exercise and the socialization that they need.”

A new bylaw for animal control is currently under development and will be brought to council in March.

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