West Bolton Council: February 2018

The mayor and all councillors were present, as well as twelve residents.

The mayor announced the death of Arthur Mizener, a descendent of a family that has owned land and farmed in West Bolton for many generations. At Arthur’s request there will be a ceremony in the spring. Arthur was Mayor of West Bolton from 1971 to 1975.

Question period – There were several questions concerning applications to the CPTAQ regarding non-agricultural use of property in the Green Zone. Concern was also expressed that gravel pits may not be respecting all the conditions attached to the CPTAQ approval to operate. Plans for the network of Nature Trails are being developed, Robert Chartier requested more suggestions. It is hoped that servitudes can be negotiated with landowners to ensure that the permission to use a trail is not withdrawn by a new owner. The possibility of growing oil seed to produce bio-oils to replace fossil fuels was mentioned. Plans for a high speed internet service are proceeding. If an agreement is reached to install the wires on poles owned by Hydro-Quebec and Bell the service should be in operation within four years. The cost of service is not yet finalized but preliminary proposals are very attractive.

Neighbours Day is scheduled for August 11th. Two people have volunteered to help organize the event. At least four more volunteers are needed. Volunteers please contact Town Hall.

Mt. Foster – There have been no new proposals from the developer. An experienced urban planner has been contracted to review the position of the municipality. The task will also include a review of municipal bylaws concerning land use and building permits, as well as recommendations to improve them where needed.

Roads – An application will be made for a subsidy to help pay for road maintenance on Fuller, Wellington and Stagecoach. The terms of a proposal to widen the paved shoulder on route 243 through Bolton Pass have been changed. Council will support the original proposal but not the new one which would cost the municipality an additional $15,000-20,000.

A member of Council will attend an information session on ideas for municipal programs to assist the elderly to stay in their own homes. Two councillors will participate in a conference call with Minister Kathleen Weil to discuss the Anglophone community in Quebec.

Next meeting: March 5, 7:30 p.m., Town Hall