West Brome artist profile

By Alison Marks

Artist Zina Mecelis from West Brome, has been painting wildlife for 20 years and in a full-time capacity for the last two years. Originally from Montreal, Zina paints beautiful birds, and other animals too, including fish, moose, bear, and wolf.

Self-taught, Zina fell in love with a naturalistic style, and her paintings feature the particular animal attitude she cleverly uncovers. Zina paints from photos and researches her animals through multiple resources to give her insights into posture, attitude and colouration.

Her atelier is located in the southern corner of her home which she shares with her husband, Jim Webb, two dogs and a cat, and of course, many, many
wild birds. Zina feeds her garden birds all year round, and is convinced that feeding them in summer, keeps her garden bug-free.

Zina is presently showing her acrylic-on-canvas works at Farfelu in Sutton. https://www.facebook.com/farfelu.sutton/