Can you believe: April 2018

• An industrious housewife was going through the closets when she happened across an expensive two-piece ski suit that belonged to her husband but hadn’t adorned his body for several years. She added it to her bag of giveaways and later in the day dropped the contents off in the bin beside St. Edouard’s Church. Four days later, her husband, about to embark on the shovelling of the front steps on a particularly windy and chilly morning, remarked that his ski suit would be just the thing to keep him warm and cozy, but he wasn’t sure where it was. His wife muttered something incomprehensible and, luckily, the subject was dropped. The woman left to go to the hairdresser and while there related her predicament. She happily left not only with a good hair cut but with the name of the person to contact at St. Edouard’s. She was relieved to hear that she could retrieve the two-piece suit as it was hanging, with price tag marked, in the basement of the church. The story had a happy ending since the housewife was able to return home to her husband, with his precious, and still unworn, ski-suit and admit her over-zealousness.

• There have recently been strange happenings in the woods of West Brome. A nearly new all-wheel drive vehicle with only 7,000K on the odometer was behaving erratically and its owner stopped in at a local garage. It turned out that a little critter, most probably a squirrel, had gnawed on some of the tubing and caused the all-wheel drive system to fail. On top of that, these same cute little animals caused her car lights to turn on and off at night and she had to disconnect the battery to combat these nocturnal antics.

• A man was preparing to leave a party but when he tried to don the only remaining pair of boots that resembled his own, he couldn’t even begin to get his feet inside. He managed to walk with his shoes to his car and drive home. The next day, the person who had absconded with the footwear realized the error he had made since he was literally swimming in the look-alike boots.