Food bank busier than ever

The Brome Lake Food Bank is in its 27th year of operation and in the past year has assisted more residents than ever before, including some in Brome and West Bolton. Gary Crandall, the president, is the first to point out how fortunate we all are to live in such a car- ing community where people of all ages are stepping up to the plate to help those less fortunate than themselves.

This year, instead of around 35 requests per month, the number has risen closer to 50. In excess of $26,000 was donated in financial contributions and this, along with the various food drives and parties, where guests are asked to contribute to the food bank instead of bringing gifts, has helped to garner enough resources to feed those in need. This year, instead of around 35 requests per month, the number has risen closer to 50 and this in addition to an average of five short-term emergency requests per week.

The food bank, located at Centre Lac Brome, will shortly be moved to a larger room which will be exceedingly beneficial as this will mean that everything can be stored in one location. It is hoped to be able to purchase refrigerators so that other products can be offered on a regular basis.

Throughout the year, the public may leave items they wish to donate at Centre Lac Brome (community centre) as well as at Uniprix. Other organizations such as St. Edouard Church, the Comptoir Familial de Knowlton, Knowlton United Church, IGA and Familiprix continually support the food bank. The Christmas Dinner at the Pub, hosted by the Cookes and staff along with the Clarksons of Coderre Feed Store is another big support system. As is Knowlton Academy who had a food drive organized by the Secondary 1 students. Exceptionally, two families have donated frozen vegetables and meat which has been greatly appreciated.

There are 15 volunteers actively involved in the Food Bank along with its president, Gary Crandall, secretary, Maureen Kilbride and treasurer, Louis Pagé. The Knowlton Food Bank is a valuable resource in our community and one that has come to the rescue of many a family or person in need over the past 27 years.

The food bank is located at Centre Lac Brome, 270 Victoria If you need food, you should leave your name, phone coordinates and the number of people in your household on the answering machine at the Centre Lac Brome: 450-242-2020 ext. 320. If it is the first time you have used the food bank, a volunteer will call you back.