Register likely on Faubourg Lac-Brome on April 4

At the time of going to press, a register is very likely to take place on the housing development project slated for the former Lac-Brome Golf club that would lead to a full-fledged referendum. In an email to Tempo, Edwin John Sullivan, the town’s clerk, wrote that the review of signatures of eligible citizens who asked for a register is being analysed.

Many people signed but as he says “many requests were made by people whose name does not match the indicated zone.” However, it seems that one request for zone UMV-2-D16 is valid; it bears 26 signatures, where a minimum of 12 is required, leaves a lot of room for error.” For the register to take place in early April, a proper official notice must be published during the week of March 26. It will list all the necessary details and those who are eligible to vote from any zone that have made a valid request, will be able to sign their names.

Only three urban zones are directly concerned by the housing development adopted under a SCAOPI (Specific Construction Alteration on Occupancy Proposal for an Immoveable) bylaw – which allows a local zoning change for a specific project – but the residents of the 10 adjoining zones can also ask for a register to take place.

Renouncing the referendum

For his part, the promoter started to solicit signatures from Foster citizens who are favourable to the project. Dropping the referendum altogether is possible if a majority of eligible voters with the right to be on the referendum list of a concerned zone inform the town clerk before the first day of access to the register that they want to give up the holding of a referendum, explains Me Sullivan.

In the meantime, the sale of the golf course cannot be concluded before all the available steps of contest have been exhausted.