The growth of local online news

Many TBL residents use the web to work, read news sites, research, find entertainment, shop and connect with friends and family. Many also get their local news online. They are well served in this area.

With nearly 5,000 members, the local community Facebook site,, founded by Virginia Wilson, goes from strength to strength. If you have lost a pet, need to sell a sofa, want to find out what local food is available, want to complain, need advice, have a story or pictures to share, or need to hire someone, serves you well.

Thousands of locals also use Tempo’ s Facebook site. On a quiet week, Tempo’s Facebook site has about 1,500 views. On a typical week, we have more than 5,000. When something special is going on, Tempo might have over 8,000 views.
Tempo’s Facebook policy is to promote, in a timely way, all community events. Where possible, we also cover the community events as they take place with photos taken by our volunteers or by members of the community. We also post breaking news that cannot fit into our ten issues a year print publication schedule.

Seventy percent of our Facebook readers are women. Nearly half are under 44. We also re-post content from the paper version of Tempo to the new website online

Tempo’s online site makes it easy for readers, who are away, to keep up with what is going on locally and it also serves readers who prefer to read their local news online. The Tempo online web site is bilingual. It has all the main stories of the month. It has an archive of the entire contents of the paper including advertisements. Our most popular online content are pieces that focus on local people. Obituaries are particularly well-read.

The web becomes more important every day. Tempo will continue to serve the community by delivering content in the way that readers prefer, in both languages, on paper and online.