West Bolton Council: March 2018

The mayor and all councillors were present. There were 10 residents in attendance.

The mayor announced that there had been a drug seizure at a house on Stukely Rd. The event was complicated and kept all municipal staff and the mayor busy for many hours between Feb 14-16, while most of the residents of West Bolton were eating Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Question period – Several comments on the condition of roads. $1.4 million will be spent on road maintenance and reconstruction in 2018. The present condition of the roads is a result of weather and old roads built without proper sub-grades. Gravel pits are a continuing concern. They are not pretty but we need gravel for road construction and maintenance. The pits operate under provincial regulation. A regulation requiring progressive restoration as sections of the pit are mined out would be an improvement. If depleted pits could be developed for residential housing, pit operators would have an incentive to restore them and plant trees and shrubs.

Mt Foster – A meeting will be held with St-Etienne, Appalachian Corridor, West Bolton and the developer to discuss all aspects of the project. A deadline of autumn 2018 has been set for agreement acceptable to all parties including the residents of West Bolton.

Inspector’s Report – Seven permits with a value of $327,000 have been issued so far in 2018.

Roadside litter – People who drive in West Bolton are asked not to throw litter from the car. Please help to keep our community clean.

A preliminary map of potential public paths is being prepared. A report on the quality of water in West Bolton streams will be available in May. The possibility of extending First Responder service to West Bolton will be discussed with TBL.

There is a new provincial regulation covering the use of pesticides on agricultural land. The municipal regulation of pesticide use on residential properties is not affected. Residents should learn the rules before using pesticides.

A project to provide Hi-speed internet service throughout the MRC has been approved but it may take two years to provide this service to West Bolton.

Next Meeting: April 3, 7:30 p.m., at the Town Hall