New in Town: May 2018

The Cyclerie de Knowlton has just opened at 281 Knowlton at the corner of Mt. Echo Rd. It is an original concept, including both an ice cream store and a bicycle repair shop. It will offer a variety of things, including decorative objects made partly from bicycle pieces, soft ice cream and gelato, and outside will be an area where clientele can park their bikes and even repair them, with tools available to fix a puncture, adjust their brakes etc.

Windmill Plastics received a grant of $300,000 from the federal government for the purchase and installation of production equipment, in order to improve productivity

Boutique Windrush plans to open on June 7 at 17 Lakeside (old Woolrich location). Owners, Chantal Cloutier and Ian Bryson will be offering their clients casual wear and accessories for both men and women.