TBL takes over Recreation and Community Services

In the next few weeks, the Town of Brome Lake will officially take over the administration and the programmes of Recreation and Community Services (LBRCS). The announcement was made by Mayor Burcombe at the last annual general meeting of LBRCS on March 23, 2018. “It will be business as usual,” said Burcombe as he made the announcement. He also explained that the new structure will be more efficient and will avoid some duplication. “We will maintain all existing programmes, and citizens’ participation will remain essential to the running of activities,” added Burcombe. The mayor later confirmed to Tempo that all permanent LBRCS employees would keep their jobs under the new municipal structure.

The decision was taken jointly by the town and the non-profit body and came as no surprise because the fiscal context that prompted the creation of LBRCS has changed.

Years ago, some grants and funds for recreation activities were only available to not-for-profit organizations within municipalities. It is by and large no longer the case. In fact, recent changes in tax laws make it more expensive for municipalities to fund independent recreation bodies.

In 2017, LBRCS managed a budget of $864,172, a far cry from its first $102,850 budget tabled in 1992.

There are programmes for all age groups. Nine employees ensure the smooth running of programmes and the administration of Community Services including cultural and tourism activities.

The re-structuring of Recreation and Community services in TBL coincides with the retirement of Johanne Morin who has been Director-General of the RCSLB since its creation; its board of directors will remain in place until the new structure is finalized.