Horrible accident on Fulford Road

It is nothing short of a miracle that she survived the accident on Fulford Rd on the night of August 9 when the road collapsed under her car during a heavy rainstorm.


“It’s a miracle that someone came so fast to pull me out of that hole” says Claire Lavigne-Amos a few days after her ordeal. “My car fell on Shawn Turcotte’s car, the airbags opened, the hood of the car was up and I wondered where I was. I got out through a car window, the water was rising, I panicked, I thought that I could not swim” says Lavigne-Amos who admits she has had nightmares every night since the accident.


What seemed to her like hours happened very quickly. Shawn Turcotte, the young man also involved in the accident and who lives nearby, alerted family and neighbours who promptly took a ladder to the scene and pulled Mrs. Amos out of the hole. Shawn Turcotte’s quick intervention, despite suffering injuries himself, made the difference. He alerted the emergency services and reassured Mrs Amos while waiting for help.


When ambulances arrived she could not walk. She had a fractured heel as well as a broken collarbone and wrist. She is now recovering and will be under doctors’ orders for the next 6 to 8 weeks. She is thankful to all those who helped her out “It is thanks to them that I am still alive, this is what matters.”


Madame Lavigne-Amos was delivering papers – La Voix de l’Est, The Gazette – at the time of the accident. She is now questioning whether she will be able to drive at night along that road in the future.