West Bolton Council: July and August 2018


The mayor and all councillors were present, plus nine residents.

Opening Comments from Mayor Drolet – Frederick Lahue, one of the past mayors of West Bolton has passed away. The municipal info-letter has a chronic technical problem which will be corrected. The shortage of labour is under continuing study through the MRC. Kelsey Renault, a summer student will be working to inform all residents of the new garbage and recycling regulations. Repairs on the Foster Rd are scheduled for September. West Bolton is looking for a new janitor for the Town Hall.


Questions – “Buy Local” is a good idea. Booths to be available for sale of local produce at Meet your Neighbours Day on August 11th. Perhaps a local market can be organized to promote the sale of local products and vegetables. Meetings with local gravel pit operators have been held to discuss ways to reduce noise. Additional meetings will be held.


“Neighbour’s Day Celebration” to be held on August 11th at the Allen property just north of the Creek Church with supper scheduled for 5:00 p.m.


Mt Foster A proposal from the ACA (Appalachian Corridor) will be presented to the developer in the next week to ten days. We hope to have news for the Council meeting on August 13th.


Administration – There was considerable discussion about the best colour for Recycling Bins. Blue Bins clash with the green of Nature – but Blue is widely associated with recycling. The new recycling bins will be Blue. Brown bins will be used for organic waste.


Roads – The municipality has asked the Minister of Transport to reduce the speed limit on a section of route 243 from 90 kph to 80 kph to help ensure the safety of cyclists.



The mayor and all councillors were present, plus ten residents.

Opening Comments from Mayor Drolet The Meet Your Neighbours Day” event on August 11th attracted about 165 residents and was a great success. Several artists presented their work. Thanks to the organizers and to the Allens who hosted the event on their property.


Questions – Discussion with TBL about extending the First Responders service to West Bolton are continuing. Several residents commented on debris blowing out of the garbage truck as it races through the community. The DG will contact the company.


Mt Foster – A proposal from the ACA (Appalachian Corridor) has been presented to the developer. No information is available on whether it has been accepted. We hope to have news in time for the next council meeting.


Municipal Inspector’s Report – In June and July a total of 18 permits were issued authorizing work valued at $760,000, including one new house. New regulations requiring re-naturalization of 3m wide riparian zones along watercourses and ponds were explained as well as limits on clearing for new houses. Some special requirements for new construction on lots in the “ilots destructurés” were explained. Minor derogations on Inglis, Paige and Glen roads were approved. West Bolton has adopted a policy of sending letters to the immediate neighbours of any property subject to an application for a derogation to ensure that they are informed. This is more useful than a vague notice in a newspaper.


Administration – Council approved annual salaries for the Mayor ($8,400) and Councillors ($2,800) as well as the Mayor’s Report on the finances of the municipality (see website). A con- tract for water quality testing was approved. Notice of serious damage to property caused by the severe storm on August 8th should be reported to the town office. Council is considering the adoption of a municipal logo.


Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 4th at 7:30 p.m