West Bolton Council – October

The mayor and four councillors were present plus 13 residents. Councillors Vaillancourt and Asselin were absent.

Questions – Provision of High-speed internet service is one of the priorities of the new provincial government. The MRC has contacted the CAQ. The installation of the large regional network has started in the western side of the MRC. Discussions continue with Bell and other regional internet providers to link it all up. Completion is scheduled for 2021.

Questions about Mt Foster covered: the management of the emergency road, the number of lots, additional road construction, area in conservation, impacts on ground water availability/quality for wells.

Mt Foster – The agreement with the developer is still being reviewed by Council and the MRC. A public consultation is expect- ed to be held in mid-November.

Short-term rentals to tourists – Regulations covering rental of houses to tourists for periods of less than 31 days were reviewed in detail. Annual permits ($100) will be required. The intent is to ensure public safety and avoid nuisance to neighbours. Those who wish to rent a house for use by tourists should contact Town Hall for details on requirements to obtain a permit.

A proposal to subdivide a property near Sally’s Pond to enable an area of wetland to be sold to the Nature Conservancy was approved.

Roads – The grants from the provincial government to pay for major road reconstruction have not yet been received. This may cause a delay in work on Foster Rd.

Garbage Collection 2019 – Garbage, recycling and organic materials (brown bin) will be collected on a rotating weekly schedule. See website for schedule. Large objects will be collected on May 6th and October 12th.

Next Meeting: Monday November 5th at 7:30 p.m.