West Bolton Council Meeting: November 2018

The mayor and five councillors were present plus 12 residents. The mayor noted how lucky we are to live in a peaceful rural community where neighbours treat one another with respect. The MRC will hold a public consultation on mining at the Frelighsburg Town Hall on Wednesday Nov 21.


Residents are asked to be careful to follow the requirements when sorting materials for collection as compost, garbage and recycling. If materials are not properly sorted and placed in the right bin additional charges are levied against the municipality.

An algae bloom has been reported in Brome Lake. Several residents asked whether West Bolton’s watercourses are depositing sediment in the lake. Testing indicates a steady improvement in water quality in local streams. Riparian zones around ponds are being checked.

Mt Foster – The agreement with the developer is still being reviewed by Council and MRC. No date for the public consultation was announced.

Waste Collection – All residents are asked to review and follow the rules for sorting materials into the recycling, compost and garbage bins. (See bmvert.ca) There will be an information session in English at the TBL Community Centre on Victoria St at 7:00 p.m. on December 4th.

Road Maintenance – The grant for repairs to Foster Rd have been delayed, but an additional provincial subsidy of $65,000 received just before the election, will enable work on other projects to proceed.

First Responders – TBL and West Bolton have agreed to extend the TBL First Responders service to West Bolton. Volunteers are being recruited for a training session in January. As part of the agreement, West Bolton will purchase a vehicle equipped with the required 1st Aid equipment. The cost is estimated to be $70,000. The costs of the First Responders service will be shared by the two municipalities 85% TBL and 15% West Bolton (Approx $25K per year). The idea of extending the service to West Bolton has been discussed for about 15 years. It has finally been accomplished.

West Bolton has approved a donation of $1,000 per year for five years to the BMP Hospital Foundation

Next Meeting: Monday, December 3 at 7:30 p.m.