West Bolton Council Meeting: February 2019

The mayor and all councillors were present, plus eight residents. The mayor announced that 94 residents of West Bolton had donated a total of $66,850, an average of $700 each, to purchase and equip the First Responder’s vehicle. The vehicle has been delivered and should be ready for service towards the end of February. First Responders have already made three calls to assist residents of West Bolton. Publisac should include BCN by February 13.

Questions – The municipality will not pass a motion on the firearms registry. It is a matter of personal choice.

First Responders will assist accidents on Autoroute 10 if called by the SQ.
The bylaw on Airbnb rentals will be ready in late February.

Classification and filing of documents in the archives will improve the efficiency of operations in Town Hall. Documents that are not required to be kept will be destroyed.

Mt Foster – A letter to the federal Minister of Environment requesting emergency action to protect salamander habitat on Mt Foster has been responded to stating that 81% of the salamander habitat on the Mt Foster residential project is within the conservation zone established in cooperation with Appalachian Corridor.

Recreation – West Bolton has signed an agreement with Cowansville to enable West Bolton residents to use recreational facilities at the same user fees as residents of Cowansville.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 11 at 7:30 p.m.