Magic! As I watch, the empty Eska mineral water bottle collected from a local merchant is stripped of its label, heated, blown and reshaped. The glass is then given a textured finish using wood ash, baking soda or simply water. The result? A unique, environmentally-friendly pendant light.

“Blowing glass that has already been fired forces me to work very fast because it cools much more quickly,” explains the “magician” herself, Caroline Couture, owner of the Boutiverre workshop and boutique in the heart of Knowlton.

Despite the additional challenges of working with recycled glass, Caroline did not hesitate to choose a 100% green production process.

This means using water, liquor, beer and other bottles bound for the dump as her raw material; washing them with non-toxic products; heating her kiln only as needed and not 24/7 as is the case with conventional glass blowing; producing textures with natural materials; and creating environmentally-friendly packaging.

“I think I am the only glass blower in Quebec who re-uses glass,” she says with some pride, and for good reason because she had to teach herself this very particular type of glass blowing.

Looking to the future, Caroline plans to concentrate on pendant lights, which are already her signature designs and most popular pieces.

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There will be a sale of lights under the tent located in front of Boutiverre, 290A Knowlton Road May 17-20.

Translation: Brian McCordick