An eco-friendly program made for you: Making a difference, one tree at a time

Again this summer, Renaissance Brome Lake, (RBL), invites you to join its shoreline partnership program. Becoming part of this initiative is a great opportunity to help maintain and improve the health of Brome Lake, supported by our organization made up of enthusiastic citizens who dedicate themselves to the cause through constructive action.

For 18 years now, RBL has dedicated itself to responsible management of the Brome Lake watershed. In order to do this, the twelve member board of directors pursue many initiatives related to the health of the lake, including navigation, shoreline protection, control of exotic invasive species and others. The vegetation re-naturalization support program for Brome Lake’s shoreline supports this goal, aiming to preserve the treasure that is Brome Lake for the continued benefit of the community.

Innovative and Eco-Friendly

Since 2008, the shoreline vegetation re-naturalization support program assists citizens in making a significant environmental contribution by installing plants near their shoreline. These plants will allow incoming water filtration and protect the lake. In this case, a landscape architect will suggest a landscaping that will meet the citizen’s and the shoreline’s needs. The program uses a cooperative approach to both help protect the lake and to bring waterfront property owners closer to having a shoreline in accordance with regulations, all at a lower cost than would be possible otherwise. To quote Hélène Drouin, Renaissance Brome Lake President; “466 waterside properties were visited in 2016. The results indicate that 89% of shoreline properties did not completely conform. As a result, the Town of Brome Lake mandated Renaissance Brome Lake to develop a ready-made program to help.”

More Information

The financial contribution required to participate in this program represents only a small part of the total cost to RBL, substantially reducing the cost to a homeowner. By participating you will get personalized support that goes from evaluation of the situation through to the actual planting itself. For more information about the program, please consult and consider joining the movement by communicating with Help make a difference for your lake, one tree at a time.

Submitted by Renaissance Lac Brome