Pam and Roy Dalglish

May was the end of an era for the Dalglish Family. Roy Dalglish, 91 years old, died on May 9th, and Pam Dalglish, aged 90, died May 26th. Pam and Roy were together until their last days in Toronto. Theirs deaths were swift and without discomfort. They are survived by Pam’s sister, Shirley Powis and their three children: Peter (born 1958) Andrew (spouse Kathleen Corrigan) (born 1961) and Kate (born 1963). Their grandchildren are James, Elizabeth, Emily, William, Lucy and Sarah.

Pam was born in Montreal, but spent virtually every weekend and summer of her life in Knowlton until she married Roy Dalglish on November 24th, 1951 after they had both completed degrees from McGill University. In fact, it was in the early summer of 1947 that Pam met Roy on the beach at the Boat Club when Roy’s parents had rented a cottage in Knowlton for the summer. In the early years of their marriage they lived in Essex U.K. and Cornwall, Ontario, but always, always returned to Knowlton at every possible opportunity. Even when they moved to Toronto in 1980, their free time always saw them heading down the 401 and autoroute to home.

Whether it was in Bloomfield Cottage, Blarney, or Nestledown, Pam and Roy loved “Village Life.” Their days and years were spent sailing on Brome Lake, working on their gardens, especially Roy’s peonies, watching their children learn to swim in the lake and ski at the Glen, or taking their children, and later grandchildren, for drives through the familiar countryside. Most often, the happiest times were spent in casual gatherings with several generations of friends and family.

As we know, anonymity in a village is uncommon, but that is exactly what Pam and Roy loved best about Knowlton. It was the small, happy surprises of bumping into a friend at “The Crazy Store” or Jimmy’s, or instantly knowing which Lavigne to call when something broke. Maybe most importantly, it was the certainty that for nine decades, more if you include the previous Foster generations, they were part of a town where most had grown up and shared so much.

Pam and Roy’s ashes will be placed in the Knowlton cemetery, together; as it has always been.