Roaring Twenties coming to Pub

As winter stretches into the forseeable future, what better local escape than dinner theatre with a lighthearted period play?

Dan Neidermyer’s Mugsy Sent Me! takes us back 100 years to the colourful Prohibition
era of mobsters, molls, flappers and oceans of bathtub gin. First-time director Katherine Jacques pulls the strings and Knowlton Players embrace murder and mayhem in a 1920s speakeasy. Appropriately, the venue is Knowlton Pub, no stranger to characters that come out after the sun goes down. Doors open at 7 p.m, with food and entertainment to follow.

Jacques has been involved in different capacities with The Players over the years, but decided “to try my hand at directing” with Mugsy. “We are still lining things up. This is true dinner theatre, but we have a musical showcase.” She considers it a celebration of the Roaring ‘20s, a century after the fact.

“We have a cast of 12 plus chorus, making 20 in all.” Add the audience, who are invited to participate in the romp, and Jacques stressing about it during the Christmas holidays becomes easier to understand.

The footlights go down on Mugsy Sent Me! at Knowlton Pub Feb. 13 to 15, and Feb. 20 to 23. Tickets are available by calling Diane at 450-931-0603 and leaving a message, with name, phone number and the number of tickets needed.