Muriel Faille exhibition at Theatre Lac Brome

«Dans l’étoffe de l’Univers, dans la vie tissée des jours et des nuits, naître, vivre, c’est aussi ouvrir des possibilités à des dimensions qui nous échappent et qui nous élèvent. Naître, vivre, c’est porter et transporter dans la célébration du quotidien les confidences de la grâce et du sacré. » – Muriel Faille

In the world of Muriel Faille, a multidisciplinary artist who has lived in Brome Lake for several decades, life and death are omnipresent. Her work is always in touch with nature, with the passage of time and with what elevates us. She works with fine and natural materials such as handmade paper, hides, wood and even antlers brought back from hunting by her husband.

Faille has been a painter, printmaker and publisher of art books for some fifty years. Although she has been a featured artist on the Tour des Arts and has held the Champ de Mauve group exhibition on her property every September, this will be her first solo exhibition in Brome Lake.

The works shown will include oil paintings, charcoal drawings and prints, many on handmade paper. One particularly large piece incorporates millennia-old roots, the fossilized remains of peat bogs, each of which represents one of her five grandchildren. It is no accident that the paper, on which handwritten texts appear, resembles birch bark.

Her friend, fellow artist and former teacher, Francine Beauvais, used to say that it takes a lifetime to bring all the different artistic media into line with a singular vision. It is therefore fascinating to see how the work of Muriel Faille has evolved over the years and continues to touch us.

The exhibition will be held from March 1 to 31 in the lobby of Theatre Lac Brome, 9 Mont Echo, during opening hours. Admission is free. et http://www./

Translation: Brian McCordick