Residents’ reaction

Some 300 residents attended the unveiling of the project. The project was well-received for the most part.

Parking – For many attendees, parking will be a huge issue if the public market is moved to the centre of town. Parking is required both for merchants and for visitors. Urban planner Vachon pointed out that there are already 375 parking spaces in Knowlton. Questions were raised: Will there be private parking? Close by or too far away? Nothing is clear or settled on developing parking and traffic signals if the market is moved. A pilot project is planned.

The multifunctional space in the library should be beautiful, include an area for artistic shows or for courses, suggested one resident.

What about providing electric charging stations? This will be discussed with TBL.

Will space be developed to generate income for the library, such as a coffee shop or other businesses? This suggestion will be taken into account.

One resident declared the remodelling of the town centre was “disproportionate”, and stated he would file a folder full of new ideas to explore with the experts and elected officials.

After these discussions, the project designers told the audience that, at this stage, all their suggestions would be welcome.

Translation: Tam Davis